Secrets: Guardian Trilogy

Secrets: Guardian Trilogy - Liz Schulte The summary of the book on various sites doesn’t really do justice to the storyline. It’s so much more.

The protagonist is quite an introvert and thus her profession of a photographer suits her quite well. She is used to seeing the world through the lenses and she is quite comfortable with her life until she realizes that a couple of strangers are following her. Their entry in the book brings in a lot of mystery with them -- the mystery surrounding these two men and the mystery surrounding Olivia herself.

The best part of the book is that the story is told from two people’s POV. So while we always know what or how Olivia is thinking, we also get a second person’s take on the same situation. Even though this causes quite a bit of repetition, it’s quite refreshing actually to be able to see a third opinion (besides the protagonist & the reader). Secondly, I love the characterization. Even with paranormal situations, Ms.Schulte manages to keep Olivia quite believable. Juliet is loveable and Holden is definitely swoon worthy.