A Gift for My Sister: A Novel

A Gift for My Sister: A Novel - Ann Pearlman Sky and Tara are half-sisters who share the same mother. The difference in their age and their individual personalities make them seem like anything but sisters. They each have their own issues and quirks. Sky, who remembers her own father as a loving person, looks at her relationship with her husband differently than Tara, who remembers her father as an unfaithful man who left them behind for another woman. Sky’s need for security matches Tara’s need to belong. When tragedy strikes Sky’s life repeatedly and she loses her best friend, her job and her husband in a small span of time, she is left feeling alone and distraught. Tara steps in, going out of her way, and makes sure that Sky is taken care of. Sky taking a road trip with Tara and her band is just the beginning of a journey of self-discovery and connecting with family for both the sisters. What happens? Do the sisters realize that they are not so different after all? Well, you have to read the book to have to take this journey along with the sisters and understand their perspectives.

I do not have any sisters and so I personally do not know much about the relationship between sisters. I only know from watching others around me that it is much like any other sibling relationship. The love-hate aspects, the fights, the secret sharing and the love between siblings are the best things in a person’s life. No matter how similar you are or how different you are, it is simply impossible to deny the natural bond. This book basically explores that very bond. Sky and Tara are only half sisters, but they are sisters. No matter how different they thought they are, no matter how alienated things felt growing up – when Sky needed support Tara was there for her. They finally got to actually knowing each other and understanding each other’s perspectives. While it was really a great experience to see the sisters trying to find their way to each other, I personally didn’t like either of the sisters that much. They were both bit too self-centered for my liking.

This book will take you on a very emotional journey of love, loss and tragedy. I loved the foundation of the story and there is no denying that I loved the author’s languid style of storytelling.