Sparkelicious - Libby Floyd Laney Montgomery is married to Thomas Morgan, a British film director, who is twelve years elder than her. She is also a successful fashion designer and businesswoman. She owns Sparkelicious clothing line that is popular with the Hollywood rich and famous. Serious issues arise in her marriage with Thomas being cranky while recovering from an operation. Just to take a break from her life, Laney heads back to her hometown to visit her family. Once there, she realizes that things are not going right there either. As Laney tries to fix everything, she meets Matt, a bartender and that complicates her life even more than it already was. Now Laney has to set her priorities right and realize what her heart truly wants in order to set things right.

The characters are well developed and they gel really well with the plot and its setting. Laney is overall a strong lady, though I don’t really approve of her accepting Thomas’s behavior. Thomas on the other hand is a character that I loved to hate. Bridget, Missy & Sophie – all have their ups and downs in life, while I didn’t always agree with how they handled things, I have to say that they seemed very real to me. The flaws in each character actually made them truer to life rather than larger than life fictional characters. The author has also put great effort into every little detail. For instance I googled a few names – starting with the hospital’s name where Thomas had his operation and things always matched up. The Writing style of the author is simple. Keeping touch with the plot and characters, the story seemed to just flow by. The novel really covers the bonds of love and family well. Whether it’s the mother – daughter relationship or the bond between sisters – the authors has captured them well.

Now, I am not very much into fashion, style and brands. I won’t be able to tell the difference between branded and non-branded stuff until I see the price tag even if my life depended on it. So the mention of various brands was a bit distracting for me. Other than that, this book is well-rounded and fast read. I enjoyed my experience of it.