From This Moment On (The Sullivans, #2)

From This Moment On (The Sullivans, #2) - Bella Andre We have had a glance at Marcus in Book 1 ‘The Look of Love’. He is the oldest brother, who has a good head on his shoulder and is responsible. He never had a chance at childhood or to ‘live his life’ as he was forced to grow up when their father died. But when his plans start to fail and his picture perfect life seems impossible, Marcus decides to take a night off and head off to the pub. There he catches the eye of Nicola, a sensational pop artist. Burdened by the cost of her fame, Nicola finds Marcus a refreshing change. Each trying to forget their lives for a night, end up together with each other. Rest as they say is history.

I have to say, Marcus has a certain charm that really attracted me. His sense of family and responsibility was really endearing. Nicole is still struggling to ‘move on’ from her last disastrous relationship. It was actually a ‘match made in heaven’ as they were just right for each other. Though things don’t really go smoothly and they keep pushing each other away, what matters is that they do end up with each other. I thought that Marcus’s plan to show Nicole that they can work it out was really sweet. Also, his dominating side did take me by surprise.

With every book, I am starting to like the Sullivan family more and each book makes me want to know more about them. It is really a heartwarming story that I quite enjoyed reading.