The Devil Colony

The Devil Colony - James Rollins The Devil Colony is the seventh book in the Sigma Force series and my first exposure to it. I haven’t read any other book in this series but felt confident enough to go in as the series seemed to be standalones with common characters. In this story, Sigma Force gets involved in a case of the death of a research team member in a cave in Utah. Painter Crowe is put in charge of the case and is under pressure for earliest possible closure. He also realizes that his niece is somehow involved as she was last seen leaving the cave as the explosion took place. It is also apparent that two groups called, The Guild and True Bloodlines are involved in this case.

The author takes his time to introduce his repeat cast which made it really easy for a first timer like me. I especially loved Seichan's character since it’s the most complicated and difficult to predict. Gray Pierce can hold his own too and is the perfect partner for Seichan. Painter Crowe is also an interesting character to get introduced to. It seemed that he was back on the field after a long time, yet he warmed up to me immediately.

The plot is in the line of something that I haven’t read in a long time. It weaves together history and fiction along with science, suspense and action in a way that in the end it is much more than just a historical fiction. Usually with these kinds of books (with scientific concepts) I often have to go back and look up the initial explanations/introductions. But the author has spread out and explained his concepts slowly and really well making things easy enough for everyone to understand. What was most interesting to read was the chain of events depicted in the book… a cave explosion in Utah could very well result in the geological meltdown of the western half of United States.

Trust me this novel was action packed page turner and anyone interested in this genre should immediately pick it up. As for my part, I will be sure to catch up on the previous installments of the series as soon as possible.