Sisters in Love (Love in Bloom: Snow Sisters #1), Contemporary Romance

Sisters in Love (Love in Bloom: Snow Sisters #1), Contemporary Romance - Melissa Foster I have previously read and loved a couple of Melissa Foster’s books but they were more of the thriller genre and this being a romance, I wasn’t sure whether I would like it or not. At the same time, knowing the author’s calibre to tell stories beautifully, I didn’t want miss out on anything.

‘Sisters in Love’ tell the story of Danica, a psychologist, who has always been careful and done the right thing. While she does in-depth analysis of her clients, she hardly ever takes a look at herself. Then enter the playboy Blake. Their relationship takes her on a rollercoaster ride. From furious to professional to passionate – Blake brings out the best and the worst in her, causing her to seriously evaluate her own life. The story also encompasses the life of Kaylie – Danica’s younger sister, Michelle - Danica's sister through the Big Sisters program and Dave – Blake’s business partner.

The characters in this story are so different from each other and so varied. From Uptight Danica to womanizing Blake to man-eating Kaylie to secretive Michelle to Mr.Perfect-life Dave – they are like the different colours that make up something as beautiful as a rainbow. I also liked the pairing of Blake and Danica. They are indeed perfect for each other. While you expect Danica, the psychologist, to change Blake’s life, it was indeed fun to watch as the playboy Blake brings out changes in Danica that’s both unexpected and extremely good. The plot is well predictable, like most books in this genre and unlike Melissa’s previous books. But what’s consistent is the author’s style of storytelling. She uses a very simple and easy to get into language to give a smooth flow to her stories. This book has a lot of love – friendship and drama that

This book is for romance and chic-lit lovers, but no matter your preferred genre – you will find something penned by this author.