Never Go Back: Jack Reacher 18

Never Go Back: Jack Reacher 18 - Lee Child I just finished reading Jack Reacher’s latest escapade! The last line of the blurb on the cover says ‘Will he be sorry he went back? Or – will someone else?’ and the moment I read it, I was like of course it has to be that ‘someone else’ who will be sorry – haven’t they heard of Reacher before?

Over the course of the last two novels, we were aware that Reacher was heading towards Washington DC to meet Susan Turner, the lady he had spoken to over the phone. Well, he finally reaches his destination and finds that Susan Turner has been fired from her post. In her place is a person who wants Reacher to pay for a 16 year old crime. Instead of finding an intriguing woman he has been waiting to meet, Reacher is met face to face with a homicide charge and a paternity suit!

Yeah I know! Of all the things, the first thing I thought of when the paternity suit came up was that Reacher wouldn’t really make a good father. Imagine him having to put down his roots and actually own a couple of sets of clothes at the same time! Unimaginable!! However he is in top form and manages to arrange a jailbreak too. However for me the big mystery wasn’t all that satisfying and the who and what was easily solved.

Though not as gritty as some of the previous instalments, it still is a page turner full of action and drama.