Then I Met My Sister

Then I Met My Sister - Christine Hurley Deriso

Summer was born after her elder sister Shannon died in the beginning of her senior year. As a result, she has always lived in the shadows of an elder sister who means nothing to her other than a framed photo or a name on a plaque. She has never really tried to live up to her smart, popular, beautiful sister, one she had never met and one she is constantly compared to. Then things changes for her when on her sixteenth birthday her aunt gifts her Shannon’s journal. It is while reading the words penned down by Shannon that Summer, for the first time, feels like she is getting to know the real person behind that name and photo. Things change for her as she realizes that very few people actually knew the true Shannon.

What I liked the most about this book was its plot. Getting into the mind of a 16 year old girl isn’t probably the most brilliant idea. To top that, to get into the mind of a 16 year old girl who is just ‘getting to know’ her elder sister for the first time isn’t really the best place to be. But at the same time it is oddly touching and intriguing. I wondered if Shannon would be worth all the hype and how would summer react to finally having an insight to her mind. I loved reading Shannon’s journal along with Summer. Then there was the family dynamics that felt pretty odd at the beginning but soon made me realize that they were not perfect in any way, yet would Summer be able to bring a balance in the end is what I wanted to know. The other thing that I particularly enjoyed was the ‘love’ factor in the story…. It wasn’t the ‘I barely know you-but I can’t keep my hands off you- so it is not lust but love sort of love story.’ Gibson is a sweet guy and their friendship slowly grows into love – the kind that makes us girls go ‘awww’.

Overall, this book made for an interesting read. It is a fast read and can be squeezed in an afternoon. This story could probably make a great chic-flick too.