The One She Was Warned About

The One She Was Warned About - Shoma Narayanan

This is Shoma Narayanan’s Third book and this is the first time that I read her work.

Shweta and Nikhil have moved on from the life where they ‘knew’ each other. Shweta, now thirty, is struggling with decisions of her life. Things were certainly not going the way she had day dreamed and planned about. Instead at thirty she finds herself attached, not engaged, to a boring man with no immediate marriage plans and certainly no kids. When she bumps into Nikhil at a party, things start to change, much like the changes she noticed in Nikhil…

I liked the lead characters quite a bit. Shweta is pretty much the reflection of today’s women… modern, smart and independent yet looking for that happily ever after that has been sought after by all women since the beginning of time. Nikhil is rich, successful and with a sense of duty. There were a couple of supporting characters but none very important. The plot was good but as usual predictable - as it is in most romance novels. The author’s narration style is smooth and the language is pretty simple and easy to get into.

What I did like about this book was the backstory of both the protagonists. It strengthened the plot. Overall, this is a light and entertaining book good for a couple of hours.