An Affair to Remember!

An Affair to Remember! - Harkeerat Anand

When I picked this book up, without reading the blurb, I was ready for a cheesy romance. I was in mood for one too. This book is about the protagonist and his friend being stuck in a mundane job in a software company. While such a job is a dream for many, they are stuck in a position were 3-4 year junior guys with an MBA degree were earning more than them. This book is their journey of leaving the job in style and that of Ira Sharma!

The first and best thing about this book is the humour incorporated in the story. The author has a sense of humour that grabs your attention right from the beginning. From the chapter titles to the chapters themselves, humour is everywhere. The author narrates the story in a smooth manner that makes it easy to get to know the characters and their story in a smooth manner. The characters are well fleshed out and very true to life. They have a ‘real’ feeling somewhere even though some of their actions are a bit over the top. To be frank, the plot itself doesn’t have much potential. Around mid-way you know what is going to happen and that is exactly what happens in the end. But that hasn’t stopped the author from telling the story in style.

Overall, it was a fun read that had the pages turning on its own. The sarcasm alone makes it worth reading.