A Familiar Shore

A Familiar Shore - Jennifer Fromke From the very beginning of the book, the author manages to hook us on. We are introduced to Meg and her adoptive father in the first chapter. That is also when we are introduced to an anonymous person, someone Meg has never met, who hires Meg to execute his will.

Sound simple enough? But that is not all. There are many stratums to this plot that are slowly unveiled to the readers. There is enough ‘family drama’, personal struggles and intrigue to keep you interested throughout the novel. Also, there are a number of characters, all well developed. Some I loved to love and some not so much.

This story is all about how a single decision can set things into motion and have unimaginable effects. The author’s suave writing style, surprise elements in the plot and beautiful settings have managed to steal my heart this time. This being her debut novel, she sure has a great future ahead!