Delirium  - Lauren Oliver Okay, so I am very late in catching up with this series. For months I have been hearing great things and have wanted to read it for like forever. Finally, I managed to get my hands on it and I absolutely “Loved” it! I wish I had thought of a 6 Star rating!!

Just in case you are one of the minority in the reading community who hasn’t read this book yet, this review is for you.

The story is based in a world where scientists have found a ‘cure’ for love and this cure is compulsory for everyone once they attain the age of eighteen. The protagonist Lena has had to live her life under the scandalous shadows of a mother who committed suicide and a sympathizer uncle. She has always looked forward to the day when she would be ‘cured’ and would be able to live a scandal free life. But as fate would have it – she falls in love just a couple of months before her cure!!

So, this book is another dystopian love story… If you are thinking – ‘yes, been there and read that’ – then you are so wrong. The first thing about this novel is that this ‘dystopian world’ actually feels very real. The limitations, the set of rules, the situations, the government surveillance system, the ‘Book of Shhh’ all adds to the setting and are all essential to the plot. Also, the story doesn’t only revolve around ‘young love’ but also explores the love that binds family and friendship. The characters are very believable – who are scared of the government and the society and at the same time try to rebel against it in their own ways. They are brought to life not only as an individual but also through their relationships and aspirations.

The author’s style of writing is that of a veteran. Her descriptions of situations, characters and incidents are so detailed that it feels like the words jump out of the book to create a picture right in front of your eyes! She has used our daily lingo to create a masterpiece. It is so familiar yet so refreshing!

My only complaint is the HUGE cliffhanger with which the book ended! I have no idea when I am going to be able to get my hands on ‘Pandemonium’!