Shades of Murder

Shades of Murder - Lauren Carr Mac Faraday, a retired homicide detective, inherits a fortune. As a part of his inheritance, he gets his hands on a painting that has a murder attached to it. Of course he cannot walk away from something so intriguing and gets involved in long cold case. You see, Ilysa Ramsay had gifted the world this piece of masterpiece a decade earlier. The same day she was found dead in her studio and the painting had gone missing.

On the other hand, Joshua Thorton, a JAG Lawyer and a detective, Cameron Gates set out to solve a murder case that’s widely believed to be the work of a convicted serial killer. They however have reason to believe that in this particular case the victim was attacked and murder by a copycat.

Soon the separate worlds of Mac, Joshua and Cameron collide as their investigation leads them to one murderer who is willing to kill again to keep things under wraps.
The first thing that stands out in this book is the fact that there are two separate investigations involving two very different detectives – Mac Faraday and Joshua Thorton. It was definitely genius to put these two together as they have as many different shades amongst themselves as the murders in the plot. Then there are the other characters – a whole lot of them actually. Thankfully, the author had provided a list of the ‘Cast’ of the story at the very beginning and that made it much easier to keep track of who is who in the story. Ilysa Ramsay is an interesting character. She seemed as elusive as a character as the motive behind her murder. Then her family is quite as interesting – it seemed like they never really cared about her – putting them all on the top of the suspect list. Then there’s an FBI Agent, a serial killer, a security in charge and forensic technician. And oh let’s not forget Gnarly, Irving and Admiral!

The plot is really intriguing as it brings together two worlds and three murders. With more twists and turns than you can even start to expect, the plot keeps you on the edge and guessing. There’s a lot of mystery, drama, some humor and even a little bit of romance in this novel making it an all-round well balanced novel and an interesting and entertaining read.

I think I will just have to pick up the other books in the Mac Farraday & Joshua Thorton Series and hope that there’s more to come.