Arise - Amber Garr ‘Betrayal’ ended with the huge bombshell and Eviana’s kidnapping. ‘Arise’ picks up right after that. Eviana is in captivity along with Graham. The future of the merpeople and especially her clan depends on her decisions and actions. She has limited choice and is unsure about who to trust. Kain wakes up from his injuries to realize that it is up to him to rescue Eviana. However, as he proceeds with his plans, he finds a few unexpected allies who will stand by him and like him they will do anything to save her. But unfortunately not everything goes according to his plan and before he knows he is not only fighting for Eviana, but also for his life and for the future of his people. With the mermaid world at the brink of war, who do they trust?

Eviana is truly a likeable character. Except for her love life in book two, she has lived up to all the expectations that one can have from her. She is strong and she is caring. The few goof-ups / mistakes on her part make her more human (Or, should I say mermaid?) In this edition of the series, she discovers a lot of things about herself and her family. She is finally aware of the actual significance of the burden that she carries. Kain on the other hand has been the most dependable and strong character throughout the series and that doesn’t change in this final installment. There’s a lot expected from him and he lives up to each and every expectation. Graham is a character that I loved and hated at the same time. You have to give credit to the role he plays in the series. Brendan finally redeems himself though at a very high cost.

Amber Garr has done it yet again! She is truly the master of twists. After reading the first two books, I was sure that I had some idea about how this is going to go and I was also expecting a lot of twists. But still, the story managed to catch me off-guard a number of times and what a plot. The ending was in sync with the complete series and I am sad to see it end. I would have loved to read more about Kain [Yes, I am all for team Kain if you hadn’t realized it already] and Daniel.

I loved the complete series and the final installment was the perfect ending too.