Section 132

Section 132 - Helga Zeiner There are two parallel storylines in the beginning. First is that of Richard & Daisy who are business partners who are looking at a particular plot for development. Richard believes that if he can pull this project off, then it will be his greatest success. The second storyline involves a fundamentalist sect who practices polygamy. A girl named Lillian is only 13 when her parents marry her to a ‘Bishop’ settled in Canada. With all her innocence intact, she expects a loving handsome and loving husband at the time of her marriage. What she doesn’t expect is to lose her identity at the moment of her marriage and harsh truth rocks her world at the same time she loses her innocence. Lillian feels caged from the very first day in this foreign land which only grows with time.

The story comes to a point where the two worlds collide as Richard approaches his neighbor with the intention of buying off some land from him. The Richard is left astounded as he discovers more about his new neighbours’ lifestyle. Lillian in the meantime is desperate to get away from this family. Will Richard’s entry into the folds bring hope to Lillian? Will Richard be able to make a difference?

First and foremost, Ms.Zeiner’s writing style is absolutely captivating. She will have you right from the word go and will certainly take you on for a ride. Her attention to details is amazing as is her mix of facts and fiction. Her characterization is flawless – whether be the development or their contribution to the story. There’s not a single character whose presence in the book is not justified and there isn’t a single character you would wish to read less off. As you read, you are slowly but completely transported into this world of Polygamous lifestyle and mark my words you, as a reader will not be able to stop yourself from thinking. Whether be it thinking about this sect & lifestyle or about the injustice that Lillian feels or the dark feelings that her desperate emotions evoke in you – you will not be able to help from thinking.

This is a total powerhouse of a novel and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND it to all Fiction & Non-Fiction lovers.