The Lust Garden

The Lust Garden - Billy Jolie Gianna Salvani is perfect. From her looks to the way her career is shaping up. She is the girl everyone is attracted to and she is the girl that everyone envies. But then there is more to this diva than one expects. She is grieving for her father while trying to handle her alcoholic mother. Her boyfriend is too occupied with himself to ‘actually’ understand her. Even her best friend isn’t really a friend. She is lonely in ways that one can only imagine. To top it all, a serial killer is after her.

The book is focused on both Gianna and the serial killer after her. The diva’s character can be confusing in a good way. Sometimes I felt that she had it all only to realize that she didn’t. Sometimes I felt sad for her and sometimes I hated her. For one single character to evoke so many emotions, it is really amazing. The perpetrator in the story is another thing on the whole. He managed to give me goose bumps with his psycho ways.

The setting and background of the story is that of the glamour world. Though I cannot claim to be an expert on it, but the author’s description of it seems very authentic. Behind the spotlights and all the glamour, it seems to be a very dark place. Behind every successful artist there are people who are trying to bring them down because of petty jealousies, rivalries and politics of the business. Gianna is subjected to all of that and because of her secret she seems very vulnerable.

The plot is simply amazing and with the author’s magic touch in the style of storytelling, there is nothing that can stop you from getting sucked into the story! As a reader I lived and experienced the situations with the characters because of the very detailed and vivid descriptions that make everything seem and feel real. Mr.Billy maybe new to the publishing world but he sure has mastered the art of storytelling. I cannot wait to see what he comes up with next. In the meantime I would recommend this to all with a strong heart and taste for mysteries.