Amanda's Story

Amanda's Story - Brian O'Grady This is a prequel to O’Grady’s bestselling debut novel - Hybrid. As the name suggests, this book tell us the story of Amanda and how she came to become the person that she is in Hybrid.

The novel starts off with Amanda just losing her husband and two year old son to an accident. As she tries to start fresh she gets an opportunity to go to Honduras as a part of Red Cross’s cyclone rescue team. Once there, the team comes to realize that not all is as it seems. The town is almost deserted and those who survived and remained there, seemed to be affected by some sort of virus. Their own camp is infected and within a few weeks the team of over thirty people perished because of the virus, only Amanda survives. When a rescue team arrives and safely pulls her out of the situation, one would think that she was finally safe. But no, she is put into isolation and for months numerous tests are done on her. She had survived a deadly virus, but can she survive and emerge from the clutches of a few mere humans?

Well, I am not about to tell you the whole story. You’ll have to read the story to find out what happens then.

There are quite a few wonderful characters that I just loved in this book starting with Amanda’s in-laws - Greg & Lisa. They are the most delightful as a couple, as parents and as people. Then there are people like Bernice, Bennet and Lister are difficult to find these days. And what can I say about Amanda. Her character has many shades and we see different sides of her as she grows throughout the book. At times I felt really bad for her and at times I felt scared of her. The author has simply created a brilliant character through her who is both good and bad. You will cheer for her, feel her sadness and feel the darkness in you too.

The plot felt a little too simple at the beginning. But things got interesting once Amanda was released to her family from her isolation. Watching her trying to discover and understand the person she had become, trying to settle back into some form of life and trying to stay in control was really an experience. The pace of the story is just right – not too slow nor is it fast. At times it may seem to be dragging, but the information provided during that period is actually important and I realized it even while I was reading it.

Frankly speaking, under normal circumstances I wouldn’t really have picked this book up. It has a very plain cover with not so intriguing title. Plus I could hardly find a proper summary for it. But I have toured with PICT quite a few times and each time I have rated those books as 5Stars. So I knew that this book had to have some quality and picked it up. I am glad that I did. This was a refreshing change for me. I enjoyed both the drama part of it and the scientific part of it.