The Look of Love

The Look of Love - Bella Andre When Chloe’s car skids off the road, Chloe thought that it was just another mark on exactly how bad a time she was going through. Little did she know that her ‘Knight in shining armour’ was already on his way. Chase did not mean to fall for any random girl he met on the road when he had his pick. But that is exactly what happens to him. Trying to help the unfortunate person whose car had taken a nose-dive into a ditch, Chase planned to help Chloe till she could find her own way. But their chance meeting wasn’t just a chance meeting after all, may be it was destiny!

Chloe & Chase met on the Highway of love. Literally!

Chloe Peterson has a past that’s still haunting her. As a result she has walled up her heart in order to protect it from further heartbreaks. While on the run from her ex-husband, when she meets Chase and has the chance to know the Sullivan family a bit better [and a lot about Chase] her heart slowly starts to melt. As for Chase, he feels an immediate pulls towards Chloe. But he realizes that he would have to work hard to get Chloe to open up. Both the leading characters are loveable. While Chloe comes with a lot of baggage, Chase is perfect for her because he doesn’t really ‘push’ her for anything.

While the language was easy to get into, I felt as if the whole plot was a bit rushed. I mean the first meeting and the proclamation of love happened practically within a couple of days. I personally don’t believe in love at first sight – lust at first sure, but not love. So it was a bit difficult for me to ‘believe in’. If we overlook the time factor, this is a good romance. I particularly enjoyed a couple of interaction between Chase and Chloe and Chase and Marcus.