Crown of Midnight

Crown of Midnight - Sarah J. Maas I read this book quite some time back but I am getting down to reviewing it now because I needed time to digest the ‘awesomeness’ (is that even a word?) that this book is!

Crown of Midnight picks up sometime after where Throne of Glass had ended. Celaena Sardothien is now officially the royal assassin. As far as the King’s knowledge goes, Celaena is now busy getting rid of the threat to his throne. Chaol and Dorian are torn in between admiring her work and wondering exactly how ruthless she can get. But what none of these three people know is that Celaena is not following the King’s orders to the ‘T’. She has her own secrets and agenda. There are secrets everywhere – some surprising and some simply shocking. But as we follow Celaena’s journey in this instalment, we will finally learn her biggest secret – her heritage!

Yes, this book was simply awesome! For those of you have read and loved Throne of Glass, this book is just a step better than its predecessor. This book has way more action and the amount of secrets that are revealed is just too good too. Celaena continued to claim my admiration. She is this kickass girl who can very well take care of herself. At the same time she cares for those around her and loves literature. Chaol continues to fight with himself over what his duty calls for and what his heart wants. Dorian has an Ace up his sleeve as well.

Sarah J.Maas has delivered a very entertaining title that lives up to every aspect of a reader’s expectation. Crown of Midnight is a bigger and better sequel to Thrown of glass and that’s saying something!