Dead Radiance

Dead Radiance - T.G. Ayer Move aside Vampires and Werewolves… Valkyries are here and they are her to stay. When I found this book on tour, I knew I had to be a part of it because I have been practically itching to try out something new. While, Vampires and werewolves make for an entertaining read, and I am always up for a good murder story, but every now and then something new feels refreshing.

Bryn Halbrook is lost in the foster care system ever since her father died he stay mother walked out of her life. She often feels lonely as she feels that she is different from those around her. For instance nobody around her can see the auras and nobody else has had to realise that the ‘gift’ that she has helps her know who is going to die only by losing their best friend. Then Aiden turns up and everything seems to shift in her life. She is attracted to Aiden, the brooding new kid in the foster family. But just as sudden as his appearance in her life Aiden disappears from their lives. Now Bryn is left alone to work out her inherited legacy.

As the protagonist, Bryn Halbrook is certainly an interesting character. True to her teenage years, she is having trouble in ‘finding herself’ and things are bit dramatic. But what’s teenage life without a bit of angst and drama? Her character grows over the story and she grows into someone I can like – quite practical (well most of the times) and strong. Aiden, with his brooding nature and good looks is intriguing. I always have a hard time believing in the love at first sight thing and so the ‘love’ between Bryn and Aiden was a bit too much for me to accept. I mean, they hardly knew each other before Bryn’s self admission of her one and only love.

The plot as such was quite interesting to me. I love Mythology even though I have very little knowledge of foreign mythology, I enjoy reading and learning more. Valkyrie was a new concept for me and I liked it. The novel is fast paced and the author has hardly wasted any time with unnecessary details or situations.

Overall I liked quite a lot.