Dead Embers

Dead Embers - T.G. Ayer The second book picks up soon after where the first book ended. Bryn is now a Valkyrie in training. Without her best friend by her side, Bryn has a hard time – doubting herself and second guessing her decisions. But time isn’t on her side either. She has to save Aiden and find out who is poisoning people soon as without new warriors, they have little hope of winning the looming war.

The character of Bryn is in a spiral mode in the instalment. On one hand she is second guessing all her decisions and on the other hand she doesn’t know whom to trust. But I loved her spunk. She moves ahead with her training, her agenda of saving Aiden from hell and find the culprit behind all the poisoning. Even in this second book, her character keeps growing and I loved that fact.

Once again, the best part of the plot was the mythology. I loved the Viking mythology. A lot of different gods and creatures are introduced to the readers in this book. Even Thor makes an appearance. It was interesting to not only learn about the Gods & creatures but also their powers.

The author’s style of writing remained consistent with the first book. She did put in a couple of amazing twists that I absolutely loved reading about. But, is it funny that every time I read the name Loki, I get a mental picture of Tom Hiddleston and Chris Hemsworth popped in when Thor made an appearance?

The book ended with a HUGE cliffhanger and I cannot wait to get my hands on the third part!