When Strangers meet..

When Strangers meet.. - K. Hari Kumar Have you ever wondered if you can influence a complete stranger’s life? Celebrities often have that capacity, but I have often wondered if I, being part of the ‘common people’ category, could ever do that. If you have then this book might just quench your curiosity and if you haven’t then this book might just fuel your curiosity.

‘When Stangers Meet’ is a story of an usual circumstance when three people from very different backgrounds of life find themselves stranded together. Oh well, may the circumstance is not so unusual after all because we often do find ourselves in the company of strangers – be it on a long distance train journey or under a roadside shelter during heavy rain. But what is unusual in this case is that Jai, Iyer and Pathan not only strike up a conversation but they actually share their personal experiences somehow manages to touch the other. You might say that the plot can be predictable, yet the author will catch you off guard with a twist at the end.

The individual characters in the story have their own unique identity and they bring in something new to each other’s lives. The protagonists are all well-developed characters that really bring the story together. I do not think that 3 Iyer’s chance meeting would have had the same impact. The style of storytelling here is simple with a pace that’s just about right.

I think, given a chance, the present generation has the capability to come up with something different to keep you occupied. In recent times I have discovered quite a few youngsters who are breaking away from the crowd and coming up with stories that don’t conform with the most clichéd stories. Hari Kumar is no doubt such an author. Breaking away from the trend of writing campus anguish or love stories, Hari Kumar tells us that yes we have the power to touch the lives of complete strangers.

Overall, it was an entertaining read that I gobbled up in a matter of hours. It is perfect for a lazy afternoon!