Deadly Decisions

Deadly Decisions   - Kathy Reichs Temperance Brennan manages to make a connection between a skull in Montreal and the partial skeleton of a teenager in North Carolina. And caught in between is a 9-year-old girl who is shot at on a Montreal street. As Tempe decides gets involved in this case, she discovers that the biker gangs are involved. Her nephew becomes a bit too interested in their lifestyle and also gets involved with a not so upfront reporter. Looking into the deaths of young girls killed twenty years apart, Tempe reveals her most sensitive side in this novel.

While I have very limited experience in reading the Temperance Brennan Series, I feel that so far of all the novels that I have read, this one reveals the softer side of Tempe. Her take on these murders and the zeal to bring the murderers to justice rally made me see Tempe in a new light.

There’s a lot of background provided for the sake of the people who are not so aware of the lifestyle of the bikers (read ‘ME’). I do not really know much about the biker lifestyle let alone biker gangs and as such, this was an interesting read for me. Besides, as is usual for a Kathy Reichs novel, there’s a lot of forensic details involved. This time the focus was mainly on blood splatter, and thanks to Dexter and CSI TV Series, I knew something about them already and was quick to catch up on.

The Temperance Brennan Series in general is very predictable and the element of ‘coincidence’ usually plays a hand at them. This book was no different. But what with Kit, Tempe’s Nephew, being involved, the author managed to maintain a certain level of tension throughout the book. This was another couple of hours of Page turning entertainment.