The Fab Life

The Fab Life - Mercy Amare Kihanna is just a regular teenager till her world is turned upside down when her mother finally reveals the identity of her father and informs her that she would be going to live with him. Oh and not only is her father a billionaire, but she also has a stepmother and a stepbrother! Being raised modestly by her mother, Kihanna has never had too much but also has never been in want for the essentials. But in her new life, everything seems to be different. It’s a world of new friends, lavish parties and two very hot guys vying for her attention. Not everyone is happy with her though and someone is out to get her!

Kihanna is a character I liked. She has a sense of individuality that she isn’t prepared to give up for anyone or anything. Being uprooted from one environment and settling in a completely different world, it would have been easy for any teenager to change, if nothing else then to blend in and to get that sense of belonging. But Kihanna manages to hold on to her true self. Ty is the hot bad boy and Gabe is the typical boy-next-door. With these two extremely different guys vying for her attention, who will Kihanna choose? Then there is her stepbrother Toby. He is protective but not possessive of her. There is something about that character that did strike me.

The plot is uncomplicated. With teenage drama on one hand and some suspense on the other –sprinkle in a bit of bitchiness, angst and romance into the mix, and the result is a pretty entertaining read. Mercy Amare’s style of writing is also pretty simple and easy to get into. And the cliff-hanger pretty much ensures that a reader would pick up the second book in the series!