Mistress - James Patterson In this instalment of Patterson Novel we meet Ben Casper as the protagonist. He has always been in love with his best friend Diana. When he watches her fall from her apartment balcony, he knows for sure that no matter what people say, it was no suicide. Being the owner of an Online Newspaper, Ben’s journalistic inquisitiveness kicks in and he starts to investigate the murder. Only the more he digs the more he is confounded as he discovers that Diana was living a double life. Questioning himself about exactly how much he knew his best friend, Ben continues his quest as the plot just gets bigger and bigger as the people involved in Diana’s second life start to fall prey to mysterious accidents costing their lives.

Ben Casper is an interesting character. He is paranoid and somewhat crazy. Whenever under stress, Ben rattles off trivia like a maniac. Some of his dialogues in the book are outright funny. Ben grabs your attention in the very first chapter as he goes about installing hidden cameras in Diana’s apartment. Then as he goes off investigating the murder, he had me either cheering him or wanting to smack him for his very foolish ideas. The plot is huge. The Chinese, the Russians and even the President of America are involved in it. Though it may sound way too unrealistic at times, I love these larger than life situations when I am reading a fictional work.

Full of action, drama, suspense and a bit of romance, this novel has every element of a page turner. I just wish that the ending was a bit different and a bit more plausible.