Wise Enough to be Foolish

Wise Enough to be Foolish - Gauri Jayaram I recently lived Ms.Gauri Jayaram’s life through her debut novel ‘Wise Enough to be Foolish’ and when I say that I am still reeling from the hangover of it, I mean that as a compliment.

A partly fictionalised memoir (done so to protect the identity of couple of characters), this book basically tells us about the life and choices of a woman in our ‘developing’ nation. The novel traces the journey of the author as child in an army family to a rebellious and attention seeking teenager to an extrovert college goer to a mature woman finding her soul mate. She touches upon various aspects of her life… From the nomad lifestyle of army personnel to the influence of a good teacher in one’s life to the independence and unwanted attention during her college and hostel life – everything is reflected as it is in real life. The trials, the mistakes made, the choices and forks in life that are portrayed in this book are all something that each of us can relate to. She has expertly outlined the issues and the reaction of our society to them by bringing up her experiences with parental expectations, sex discrimination, inter-caste marriage, divorce, eve-teasing and stereotyping.

It was such an elevating experience to be able to read about a strong willed, independent woman who made so many unconventional (as some would say) choices and taking on each and every challenge head-on. She clearly has showed us by example that it is possible to thrive and be happy without bowing down to the societal pressure – that it is okay to want to live life by your own rules without sparing a thought to general norms of our society. It is okay if you do not agree with Gauri in each step of her life, as long as you realise that you always have a choice – either to bow down to norms and pressure or curve out a path for yourself.

This book turned out to be highly inspiring and motivating without making it a drag to read. I would recommend every woman to pick this book up because it has something that we can all identify with – our reality!