Countdown - Michelle Rowen Kira Jordan and Rogan Ellis find themselves shackled in a room… and then the countdown begins. Kira with her past where her parents were murdered is used to fending for herself and hardly ever trusts anybody. But with one look at Rogan Ellis, she knows that there is something about this boy. Rogan on the other hand has a secret in his past that could make even Kira, the only person to give him a chance, shrink back from him. Now they are stuck as participants in an illegal TV game show where having each other’s back is the only way to survive and salvage what’s left of their lives.

Kira is such a kickass girl! Ever since her parents were murdered, she had survived on the streets of her plague-devastated streets. She knows better than anyone about how circumstances can influence/change a person. So, when she wakes up in a dark room with Rogan, her first reaction is not to judge but accept an explanation. She showed her vulnerable side once in a while and it was endearing to see that she still had the strength to trust. Rogan Ellis on the other hand makes a terrible first impression – a juvenile who had been imprisoned for murder. He tries his level best to live up to that reputation even though he is touched by Kira’s acceptance.

This book has a fast pace and a plot with amazing twists. Rogan’s background comes to light and surprising facts are brought to the attention of the reader. However, I have a small complaint. The duo (Rogan & Kira) seemed to complete each level at the nick of time after spending most of the level time in arguing or hashing things out. It made me wonder if the game was that easy or were the previous contestants that dumb? The authors style of narration was quite good using easy free flowing language that made it really easy to get into the book in the first place.

Overall, it made for a fast and entertaining read.