My Beloved's MBA Plans

My Beloved's MBA Plans - Disha There’s a common mentality in India that one should finish their education, get settled in a career and then get married because it is impossible/difficult to get back to studying once you are married – especially if you are a girl. The logic behind it being that whether you are a boy or a girl, your responsibilities increase once you are married and you have different aspects to consider before you can commit yourself to education again. Women are expected to take care of their home and further the family line which often puts a damper on any education plans. Men on the other hand are expected to earn for the family – if they quit their job for education, how will the bills be paid? Though times have changed and our take on life has changed too, but certain metalities seem to be handed down from generation to generation.

Disha has brought forward sixteen beautiful stories that will change the minds of people who feel that it is impossible to go for further studies after marriage. Through each story, we learn about couples/partners in different situation and how each of them handle their better half’s expectations and aspirations. Though the title and the stories tell you about how certain people fulfilled their ‘MBA’ plans, these stories actually tell you that it is always possible to fulfill your aspirations. Its never to late to chase after your dreams. All you need is a proper support system. The author has done a very good job of bringing forward the stories of these inspiring couples. She has managed to paint a brilliant picture of not only all the characters in the stories but also their relationships and their situations.

It was an entertaining and enlightening experience.