Killer in High Heels (A High Heels Mystery #2)

Killer in High Heels (A High Heels Mystery #2) - Gemma Halliday Maddie Springer is back and so is her dad who had run off to Vegas with a showgirl.

Maddie is left in shock when her always absent dad leaves her a message that ends with what sounds like a gunshot. Irrespective of her misgivings, she takes on a trip to Vegas with her friends in tow to make sure that her father is fine. But Vegas has a lot more in store for her than she could ever imagine – Knockoff shoes, a stalking reporter, the mafia and yes, Ramirez!

I know that Maddie isn’t a professional detective, but just gets into situations, and I don’t expect her to solve a case like Poirot or Sherlock or even Miss.Marple. But she gets on my nerve at times when is too thick to pick up on the clues that practically screamingly stands out right in front of her - like Dobby in his bright mismatched socks would in the muggle world! But then again she turns into this sweet and heart-warming character with her antiques and you can’t help but like her. And Ramirez’s job description is a bit overboard! I loved Marco in this book. The plot has quite a few holes in it. But the author makes up for most of it with her quirky sense of humour that is infused in her style of writing. Not much has changed in terms of character or plot from book one and I am starting to feel that this series is not meant for hardcore mystery fanatics.

However, it passes off as a light fun read as long as you don’t pick it up as a mystery genre book.