Undercover in High Heels

Undercover in High Heels - Gemma Halliday Maddie Springer gets herself involved in the production of her favourite TV show – Magnolia Lane while her ‘partner’ Ramirez gets the job of keeping an eye on one of the lead actors because of stalkers and threats made. But Maddie being Maddie, undercover part of it doesn’t really work out well and things fall apart all around. She gets kidnapped and guns shoved into her face while there’s death on the sets and secrets being revealed all around. But Maddie may have gotten herself into something that is way over her head and will she be able to get out of it time?

Okay, so in this book Maddie is so all over the place that I would have thought that she had taken my ‘dobby reference’ in the review of the previous book in the series personally. Only I do happen to realize that this book was written way before I had even started to read the series – so that’s not the case. I wonder how she gets so much time off her job to get into so much trouble! But there is some development in terms of the characters in the story and it was much welcomed after the somewhat ‘stuck’ feeling in the first two books. Also, in terms of the plot, this book is an improvement over the first two – lesser holes and inconsistencies. I am glad to see the series finally maturing.

This series is still not for hardcore mystery buffs. Its more in lines of chic-lit and comedy since the series’s USP is the author’s sense of humour that she portrays through her characters. Light read and fun.