The Longest Ride

The Longest Ride - Nicholas Sparks The Longest Ride tells us not one but two love stories. One is that of a time-tested love of Ira and Ruth and the other is that of a newly blooming story of Luke and Sophia. Luke and Sophia’s paths cross when Luke helps her out of a spot. We find out that they are polar opposites of each other – Sophia a college student pursuing Art & History, while Luke is a recovering bull rider. As they fall for each other, Sophia realises that Luke is the one person who has the hold over her to change everything she has planned and worked for and Luke has a secret that could potentially destroy their relationship. On the other hand we are introduced to Ira who has been a widower for nine years now. Stuck in his car, after being in an accident, Ira recalls his life with Ruth. It’s a emotional journey to take with Ira because their love is so true and pure.

I have always felt and agreed with the saying that it is easy to fall in love, but it is difficult to stay in love, which is why ‘The Notebook’ is my absolute favourite story by this author. And so, Ira and Ruth’s story really touched my heart. I absolutely loved it. On the other hand Luke and Sophia’s story has those awesome moments that couple’s go through when they are just starting to realise their true feelings. I absolutely loved the two parallel stories right till the end, even past the point where their paths cross as a twist in the plot. As far as the characters go, Ira and Ruth kind of overshadowed Luke and Sophia for me because of the fact that I preferred their story more. Also, I think that Sophia’s character could do with a few more layers.

There are no two opinions about Nicholas Sparks storytelling talent. This book will take you on a ride that a Nicholas Sparks fan will expect from beforehand. There are the highs and then there are the tear-jerking moments. But by the time you turn the last page, you’ll feel good about the whole book.