Mad About the Boy

Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy - Helen Fielding

Bridget Jones is back with a bang! Now in her 50s, Bridget still packs a lot of power.

The story begins when Bridget is a widow and a single mom to her two kids. She has lost Darcy to an accident about four years back and has finally accepted her life as it is without him. Now on the look out to get back to the dating scene and find herself a new lover, Bridget takes on a new adventure. Her friends are still there and still the same.

I have always loved Bridget Jones because she is not perfect. She is a little bit on the heavier side when it comes to her body, she is insecure and very much clumsy – and that is exactly what we all are – imperfect in some way or the other. It makes it so much easier to connect to characters that are true to life and easier to relate to. In this third installment, Helen Fielding has kept Bridget true to her nature. Worrying about how her love life may affect her children, trying to catch up to the latest trends and all the insecurities that come after losing your partner of over a decade. At the same time we also realize that she has matured over the years, as we see her interacting with her kids, while staying true to her essence. Yeah well, I think I can go on about Bridget for pages. So let us just move on to the next point – the plot. It is simple yet the journey is as unexpected as it is Bridget on the driving seat. I love Helen’s sense of humour and comic timing… The book will make you laugh throughout and even at odd situations.

I know for a fact that a lot of Bridget Jones fans are mad about Darcy being killed off… But then from the very beginning it has been Bridget’s story. Not Bridget and Mark’s story – but just Bridget’s story. And so the story continues even with him gone and that should slowly sink in as Bridget continues toiling through her life.

Awesome book… A must read for all Bridget Jones and Chic-lit Fans.