Merry Christmas, Alex Cross

Merry Christmas, Alex Cross - James Patterson

I love Alex Cross Series… Except for one or two books here and there, Alex Cross always delivers the need for a fix of mystery and action.

After closing his most recent case, Alex Cross gets back home for a family dinner at Christmas. He plans to spend some quality time with his family, only to be called into a hostage situation right in middle of the get together. Bound by duty, Alex heads over to the lawyer’s home where he has taken a senator’s wife and his ex-wife and her new family as hostage. Then there’s also the situation with a known terrorist resurfacing. Alex Cross had done the initial profiling on this terrorist and thus he gets involved in trying to work out why the terrorist had resurfaced again…

The book has all the usual identifiers of a James Patterson Novel. Really short chapters, fast paced action, look into the villain’s mind, lots of red herrings and a justified ending. The characterization was beautiful as ever. I was delighted to read about Alex spending some quality time (well as long as it lasted) with his family. This book was however a bit different in the sense that it being the holiday season, we see Alex in a different light. Of course, Alex has previously missed out on many family occasions due to his work. But this is the first time that we do see Alex reconsidering his career choices against the missed occasions. Against the holiday backdrop, it almost gave us an impression of a different Alex. However, don’t let that fool you into thinking that Alex Cross has gotten soft as he is impeccable as ever in hunting down his targets and solving his cases.

Not a stand-out novel among the other books series but it delivers couple of hours of curious and enjoyable page turning.