Fifty Shades Freed

Fifty Shades Freed - E.L. James This is basically my consolidated review of all the three parts. Also, be warned that this review is all about what I felt about this book - Yes I know the series has sold zillions of copies - Yes I know its gonna be a film - Yes I know it won the Goodreads Readers' Choice awards in Romance Category ---- YES I KNOW A LOT OF PEOPLE LOVED THIS BOOK! And I am still going to write this review because I have my rights to my own opinion.

I had read about 50 something pages of the first book when it was still available on fanfiction sites and had abandoned it. But a friend of mine kept insisting that there is a very 'beautiful love story' hidden somewhere behind all those pages and pages of porn. So I gave it a try!

If you remove all the kinky sex stuff from the series, the story is a pretty simple and straightforward one that could have been fit into one book. And even after finishing all the three installments, I still cannot understand why people are so crazy about Christian Grey?? Are we all so used to the nuisances of the patriarchal society that we gladly accept him into our folds as a role model of a lover/husband? He basically uses his background to justify how he himself has spoiled so many lives and broken so many lives. I am sorry but that is as much acceptable to me as the theory that says eating chow-mien causes men to rape!

And Anastasia is a perfect reflection of the stupidity that allows the society to thrive in its patriarchal course of things. Besides his money, looks and kinky sex Christian Grey has nothing to offer and Anastasia goes for the ride of her life - all puns intended. She is mindless, gutless and plain and simple stupid.

As for the narration and storytelling - its like a teenage drama queen's gossip bulletin. On second thoughts - they may have better storytelling capabilities and language too!

This is a book to read if you are craving to read some porn material.