An Unequal Harmony

An Unequal Harmony - Souvik Gupta

I have to admit… I was skeptic about picking this one up as I was expecting this to be yet another love triangle where lust would turn out to be the focus of the plot. Can you blame me after checking out the titles on the best-sellers list of Indian Fiction? But then this came recommended and the person recommending this book seldom comments and so I was intrigued.

An Unequal Harmony is the story of three people involved – Siddharth, Anshuman and Reva. But the main protagonist is Reva as she is married to one and involved with the other. The story starts with the three characters being in an accident and landing up in a hospital. As the story progresses and we get to know the characters, we soon realize what the story is actually about. It is not about adultery or even a love triangle as such… but the focus is whether it is possible for one person to be in love with two people at the same time. Also, who will Reva end up choosing?

The book grabs your attention at the very beginning and maintains a certain hold throughout. The characters are very matured and yet they develop throughout the story. The plot, though predictable, has its charms too. But the USP of this book is the way the author has narrated this story to us. Seamless flow and simple language makes the book easy to get into and also has a dash of humour incorporated into it. The author has also questioned us all on all that we know and feel about love.

This made for an interesting read and certainly a great product from a debut author.