Paris Cravings

Paris Cravings - Kimberley Montpetit This book is D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S!

When Chloe takes the chance to escape to Paris on her Senior Class trip, her only aim was to avoid ‘boy’ troubles for a while and calmly decide what course her life should take. Little did she know that she would fall in love with French desserts and that falling in trouble could bring her to paradise! After tripping and falling down at a bakery, and missing her team tour bus, Chloe meets Jean-Paul, the son of the owner of the bakery. The next couple of days fly by in a flurry of activities and before long she is back home dealing with her boyfriend drama.

It’s a sweet and love-at-first sight sort of story that has a dreamy boy, a sweet girl, setting in Paris and a lot of mouth watering desserts. What else does one need? It is fairly easy to fall in love with Chloe and Jean-Paul, the protagonists. They have good heads on their shoulders and are pretty down to earth characters. They resemble more to real life characters than fictitious ones. But I Loved Jean-Paul’s mother too. The language is easy going with fast paced narrations. And Chloe’s obsession with French desserts sent me into a flurry of baking once I put down the book.

Only drawback of the book that I can point out is the very clichéd name Jean-Paul for a French guy and how conveniently Jean-Paul’s relationship was handled. Other than that, this is a love story that will make you hungry for more (… and desserts)