Second Chances 101

Second Chances 101 - Donna K. Weaver Francie Davis is going back to college! Here’s the thing, she is thirty seven, with a rough past and an historical home who has landed an administrative job to pay for her tuitions. As she puts her husband’s death behind her, copes with her son moving out to college, a fresh start is what she looking for. Getting shouted at on the first day at work isn’t the kind of start she was expecting. But that is exactly what Alex Diederik, a history professor and her new boss, has in store for her. Alex himself is trying to get over the bitter divorce all the while taking care of his daughter. So, when the historical home that Francie inherited brings Alex and Francie together outside campus, something brings them closer together. Is it their past or their mutual need for organizing, or Francie’s cooking or simple chemistry? Read the book to find out.

I found Francie to be a character that is easy to fall in love with. She lost her husband and brought up her son as a single mother. Now that he is off to college, irrespective of her age, she decides to go back to college too. She cooks, she gardens and takes teenagers under her wings. I would love to have her strength and grit. Alex on the other hand takes time to warm up to. You know he is a good guy but his short temper makes you vary. The way he tries to reach out to his teenage daughter is also endearing. I like Rose, Alex’s daughter too. She is not a typical teenager, even though she may come across as the typical emo kid. But she takes to Francie immediately and enjoys gardening with her. The plot as such is cute and simple. The author has stuck to simple language and narration style to match her couple next door characters.

On the whole I had a fun time reading this novel.