A May Bride

A May Bride - Meg Moseley Ellie Martin is like any other girl, dreaming of her perfect wedding, but with a secret wedding fund of her own. All she needs is a groom. When Gray Whitby walks into her life, a whirlwind romance leads the way to her perfect wedding. But Gray is tired of being the second fiddle to Ellie’s family. Will Ellie and Gray be able to work through their differences and problems or will it lead to nothing.

I may have taken a too rash decision by applying for all the books in this series. I recently read the Silver Linings Series – a series of romance novellas, and though I am not particularly a romance buff, I rather enjoyed the short and sweet novellas. So, when I saw this series up for grabs on netgalley, I decided to give this series a try too. And once through the first three novellas, I applied for the remaining ones that were available on Netgalley. But book 5 was quite disappointing and so was this.

Once again, it wasn’t the plot or the writing style that I had a problem with. Yes, the plot was predictable and the writing style is simple too. But that is what I have come to expect from romance books – whether novel or novellas. It is the characters that I seem to have a problem with. The biggest sore point of this novel is Ellie’s mom. She is practically a bully and lacks every quality that makes a mother. Then there is Ellie herself. She lets herself get bullied all the time. I understand that when it is coming from your mother or family, one tends to be more tolerant. But there’s somewhere where one has to draw a line. It would have been easy to sympathize with Gray, had it not been for his temper tantrums. Ellie is anyways bending over, why add to her burdens if you can’t help her out?

Once again I suppose as far as a romance novella goes, this goes on fairly well with respect to the plot. But the characters were not people I could connect or empathize or sympathize with.