A March Bride

A March Bride - Rachel Hauck http://www.b00kr3vi3ws.in/2014/06/MarchBride.html

This book, along with being part of the A year of Weddings Novella Series, is also a sequel to Once upon a Prince by Rachel Hauck. I realized it too late and I haven’t read the Once upon a Prince yet… But anyway, the author gives a short background introduction to get us all caught up and as such this can be read as a standalone.

The Novel begins with Susanna Truitt and King Nathaniel II’s impending wedding. The wedding is in three weeks and Susanna gets a cold feeling from Nathaniel. She is afraid that she might get jilted. However, Nathaniel is just starting to realize how much Susanna has to give up, including her American citizenship, to be with him. For Susanna, luck seems to have some other plans than her own. Her grandmother falls sick and even her best friend is on bed rest. All these ‘signs’ make Susanna nervous who leaves for her hometown to be with her grandmother and her best friend. Nathaniel fears that she might not come back to him after realizing the price she has to pay to be with him. So he takes certain matter into his hand.

While some of the other novellas in the series have the Christian fiction theme to them, it was the strongest in this particular novella. Even having not read ‘Once upon a Prince’, Nathaniel and Susanna’s characters came out very clear to me. Their individuality and their quirks made me like them a lot. The Storytelling style is simple and smooth. The plot is, though predictable, interesting. And I guess, I did like the fact that this is a clean romance.