A June Bride

A June Bride - Marybeth Whalen
While still recovering from a recent relationship, Wynne meets Andy on The Rejection Connection – a reality TV Series. They hit it off and soon Andy proposes. As, Meredith – another Reality TV Series star, offers to help Wynne become the perfect June bride, Wynne’s ex boyfriend walks back into her life. Will she go on to marry Andy or will she go back with Callum? With exposed hearts and secrets, take on the journey to find out Wynne’s fate.

Another novella down and I have really lost interest in the series. Once again lack of depth to the characters and a point to connect with them makes this novel a struggle. This book though had more potential plotwise from the last two books in the series. Yet the lack of growth and development in the characters really make it hard to keep turning the pages. Andy and Callum had so little part to play that I didn’t really care for either of them and did not root for either of them to get the girl. Wynne came across as a really superficial girl who sounds like a broken record.

I am sorry, but I couldn’t care for the book much and speed read the second half of it. I am done with this series too.