Stones - Polly Johnson

Coo is a sixteen year old girl, who spends more time at the beach than in a class. Her emotions are in turmoil as her elder brother, a drunk, is dead. She feels guilty for wanting him to be dead most of the times and for not missing him enough. She finds an unlikely friend in Banks, a homeless man, who is a drunkard too. An unlikely relationship of formed and even though Banks is not an ideal person to talk to, he is the only one Coo can talk to.

Nothing about this book is traditional. I mean the protagonist is called “Coo”!! The story doesn’t involve a teenager throwing typical temper tantrums or is it a happily ever after sort of a love story. Instead it is about the journey of one girl who has taken her brother’s death in a bad way. Coo has some of that typical teenager angst about her but mostly I found her to be different from typical YA Heroines. She is strong in her own way and impressionable in her own way too. I loved her for that. The subject matter and the content matter is not light either and may not be made for everyone. The author’s narrates the story in a brisk manner that lets us get close to Coo and Banks Just enough instead of getting too familiar with them.

This book struck a chord with me. I felt and wished throughout the book. This is an odd book with a depressing ending, yet I liked it!