Promises: Book One of The Syrenka Series

Promises: Book One of The Syrenka Series - Amber Garr “Promises” is the first book in the Syrenka trilogy, followed by Betrayal & Arise.

Eviana Dumahl is like any other girl, living with her doting father, a dominating mother and a irritating younger sister. She goes to high school and dates a guy named Bredan. But what most people do not know about her is that her she belongs to one of the strongest clans, she is the future ruler of the clan, she is engaged to Kain Matthews who is also destined to be the ruler of his clan and her boyfriend is a shape shifting selkie. And Oh! She is a mermaid!! Eviana has been promised to Kain as a way of bringing the two strongest of merpeople clans together. Kain has been in love with Eviana for like forever. And all this while Eviana has been in love with Brendan. But there’s a war brewing and Eviana finds out just how much is on the line when Bredan’s life is threatened. She is forced to grow out of her teenage life and take control. Will she be able to embrace the life she wanted nothing to do with? Will she be able to rely on the friends she once let down?

Look at the cover… isn’t it amazing?? Now, I officially like mermaids!

Ms. Garr has built the most scintillating world with mermaids, selkies, water sprites and many more creatures. Though lacking major action towards the beginning, the climax steals the show. The plot builds up slowly giving us ample idea about the major characters that are going to play important roles in the trilogy. The setting and the dialogues are well done. Author’s attention to detail is amazing – I especially like the way she has described the different species, their lifestyle and their transitions.

Coming to the characters, Eviana is a normal teenage girl, making me feel like shaking her a number of times and say ‘what’s wrong with you?’ She refuses to accept the decisions made by her parents for her and rebels against them. She is utterly in love with Brendan, but at the same time she has a strong connection and very deep feelings for Kain. Having practically grown up together, she feels that Kain is the best friend anyone can have. We see a lot of Kain too. He seems to be matured for his age and though he is scared, he is almost ready to take his position as the leader of his clan. Even before he assumes this role, we know that he would be good at it. However, I found his plan of action to deal with the Eviana – Brendan situation bit immature – that is the only weakness that Kain shows – Eviana. I am yet to make up my mind about Brendan. Especially with the ending that this book has, I don’t think I like Brendan. He loves Eviana, no doubt and they do have a few weeks of complete bliss. But there is something that is holding him back.

Overall, I am mesmerized by the merpeople and intrigued about the brewing war. I am looking forward to betrayal now – I have to know what happens next!