Betrayal: Book Two of The Syrenka Series

Betrayal: Book Two of The Syrenka Series - Amber Garr “Betrayal” is the second book in the Syrenka trilogy. It takes off a few days after where ‘Promises’ ended and is followed by Arise.

Eviana is back with her clan where she has taken her rightful place of that of the leader. While she has to prove to the clan members that she is capable, she also has to prepare herself for the war. She and Kain have a plan, but for that to work, she has to convince the Council that she is strong enough. But the council has their own plans and they decide that she needs a bit of training and sends her to a formally shunned member of their community. And oh! They also decide that the youngest council member, who also happens to be handsome and charming, should accompany her. Things start to spiral from there. Will Eviana be able to convince the council to take an offensive stance on the looming war? Will she be able to live up to the expectations of her clan?

Before I say anything else, I just have to say this – in this installment I lost patience with Eviana when it came to her love life. It was like she is attracted to any good looking guy around her even though she keeps chanting to herself that her heart belongs to Brendan! I felt like smacking her throughout the book! Okay, I am done with my ranting… Now more about the book…

Unexpected attacks and twists keep the readers on the edge. If you thought that the twists in book one were surprising, then let me warn you that they are nothing compared to what the author has in store for her readers in this book. There’s a lot more action in this book than in Promises. That certainly spices things up for the readers. We get to learn more about the inhabitants of this amazing fantasy world – their characteristics, their powers and their weaknesses. It was entertaining to see the dynamics between Kain and Eviana as they discovered and nurtured their individual powers. Some of the characters in the book will surprise you.

All in all, keeping Eviana’s love life out of it, I really enjoyed this book. Ms.Amber has done it again and for that I would certainly recommend this book to the people with interest in the fantasy world!