Flash - Barbara Morgenroth Kip & her mother have recently moved to the city of Hollywood to follow Dew’s silver screen dreams. Kip is used to feeling like the grown up when compared to her single mother and she herself almost believes that she is ‘eighteen’ years old. When through a lucky break, Kip captures the attention of Alex Milne, her world is turned upside down. Brush in with the police, identity of her father and the mystery behind an eighty year old murder are just a few things that she now has to deal with. Not to forget Gabriel Milne.

Kip, named after Rudyard Kipling by her father, is the first non-eighteen year old that I had no trouble believing in. She is talented, sharp, smart and very independent. I would gladly accept this character as a twenty year old because of the maturity she has shown throughout the book. Given that her mother, Dew, never grew out of her college-partying phase, Kip is used to not only taking care of herself but also her mother. Alex Milne is an interesting character – and I loved is unique sense of humour and the certain shadow of darkness in his character. He is not really the dark-broody type but one who has been influenced by his family history. I am not sure what to make of Gabriel yet, but I absolutely loved Bay. She took Kip under her wing and matched with her strength of character.

The strength of the plot is also its characters that endorse it uniquely. Budding romance with a murder in the background is what this book is all about and it certainly held my attention. Yes, it has that boy meets girl moment, it has that ‘OMG’ moment, it has that ‘what is going on’ moment too and it has that ‘what?!’ moment too. My only complaint is that the book ended so abruptly! I was pretty sure that there was more to come when I turned (or scrolled) over to the last page. There’s a sequel coming up and I will be sure to pick it up when it hits the market.

A pretty fast read and I would recommend it to the people who like their romance – not too mushy or A rated, with a touch of intrigue.