Run For Your Life

Run For Your Life - James Patterson The first thing that hit me about this book is the cover. One look at it and ‘Bruce Willis’ is all I could think of. Needless to say, after that I kept getting mental images of Bruce Willis as Michael Bennett throughout the book which only made it more fun to read.

In this instalment, we realise that a criminal, who calls himself ‘Teacher’ is kidnapping the rich & influential kids to teach them manners. Well, he is not just kidnapping but is also murdering his victims in order to send a message through to the society. When the police department is thwarted by the Teacher, they bring in Michael Bennett into the case. A widower with bunch of adopted kids, Michael Bennett is a typical James Patterson protagonist. Tough and intuitive, Michael Bennett steps in and takes things under his control. Trying to figure out the Teacher’s MO, Michael Bennett soon finds himself in a spot where someone near to him is under threat.

The novel is typically a James Patterson Novel that has small but action packed chapters. It is a page turner, giving glimpses of Michael Bennett’s personal & professional life, as well as a peek into the psych of the antagonist. Of course the protagonist is a kind of person you would love to cheer for and so while Michael is on the chase and closes down on the antagonist, I found myself biting my nails into oblivion.

In recent times, James Patterson has often fallen short of living upto my expectations from him. But this book was one of those that reminded me why I am such a James Patterson Fan. Good One!