Taming Romeo (New Adult Romance)

Taming Romeo (New Adult Romance) - Rachelle Ayala http://www.b00kr3vi3ws.in/2014/03/TamingRomeo.html

While I do enjoy reading my fair share of love stories and romance novels, I am not much of a ‘sizzling romance’ reader. But I have read Rachelle Ayala’s previous books and I quite like her works - especially Broken Build, so I decided to give Taming Romeo a chance.

Evie and Romeo have a history that dates back to their high school days. When Romeo walks into Evie’s life again while she is recovering from a heartbreak and working at her parents’ restaurant, Evie tries to avoid him. But with so much history between them, a chemistry that practically puts the pages on fire and a stubborn Romeo intent on getting answers from her - it seems unlikely that she could escape forever… While Romeo tries to find out why Evie had stood him up at prom and Evie trying to get her life back on track, things are about to change for both of them while we readers get a front row seat to their story.

Okay, so this is a typical romance novel and as such the plot is very much predictable. But Rachelle Ayala maintains a standard of narration style and that is what makes the story interesting to the readers even when they what is going to happen anyway. Romeo is this hot stud and Taylor Swift’s ‘Love Story’ kept playing in my mind whenever he was on the pages. Evie did get on my nerves a few times with her ‘jumping to conclusions’ at every turn, but is in fact quite a balanced character. Rachelle Ayala’s characters are always very well developed and easy to fall in love with. Evie just takes a tad bit longer to grow on you. The chemistry between the two is super hot too.

I made one mistake though… I picked it up after I was done with dinner and all other chores for the day and read well late into the night. As a result, I was VERY hungry by the time I put down this book and was particularly craving Fillipino food. Don’t do that if you are a foodie - make sure to keep something around when you pick this one up!

Overall, Taming Romeo is a fast - light - hot - fun read that’s well worth couple of hours of your reading time if you enjoy Food and Romance.