The Binding

The Binding - L. Filloon At the beginning of the story, Lily, comes off as somewhat of a loner – especially since her brother, Lucas, had disappeared on his eighteenth birthday. Eighteenth birthdays seemed to be jinxed for Lily & her family. Two days after her own big day, events unfold in such a manner that it leaves her world upside down. She is attacked by her own ‘missing’ brother only to be saved by a complete stranger who keeps a panther as a pet!

Tharin & Tolan, twin princes, appear in Lily’s life only to divulge information that shocks Lily further. Raised as a mere human, Lily is actually an elf princess who is betrothed to Tharin. Lucas had been initially abducted by the ‘Ange’ and he turned to their side. They explain that they have to take Lily to their ‘land’ Velesi at the earliest in order to keep her safe. Lily refuses to leave without her best friend Julia and so, after Tolan brings Julia with them; their journey begins with their bodyguards – Alorn, Mellis & Phoris. (Who also happen to be cousins).

What happens on the journey? Do they make it safely to Velesi? Those who are saying of course they do – do not be so sure!

Lily is a mix of all the traits that a human can possibly have. She is strong, honest, brave, caring and emotional. She is a character easy to fall in love with. Tharin, the royal prince, is stubborn, moody on the exterior but caring and gentle on the inside. His sense of responsibility and honor knows no bound. Julia is a really strong girl. Even after years of abuse, she has the capability to trust and love. Tolan is the easygoing and more sensitive version on Tharin. Alorn, Mellis & Phoris are all special in their own way. Then there’s also Harlu, Ziri and Mareck! And let’s not forget my favourite Panther – Cessa!

The author has woven a beautiful tale of love, honour and bravery with quite a bit of action, romance and heartache. Anything can happen in this whole new world of Elves, Wizards, Ocres and Shapeshifters. It was really difficult to put down the book once I started with it and really enjoyed the rollercoaster reading experience with Lily & Tharin.

I will be eagerly waiting for the next book in the series…!