The Silent Treatment (Kat Shergill #1)

The Silent Treatment (Kat Shergill #1) - Melanie Surani What would you do if you found out that your favourite star could be a murderer? Would you report it immediately or would you try to cover it up? That’s one of the quandaries in Kat Shergill’s life, besides witnessing an 80 year old murder on film, being followed, having her apartment broken into and escaping a fierce past!

This is one of the few Suspense/Thriller books that has a leading lady and what a lady she is. She is real, she is flawed, she has ‘baggage’ of her own and she is just like you and me. She is a regular girl who needs retail therapy to cheer herself up but at the same time she also steps up and meet a challenge when she needs to.

What’s more is that the author, Melanie Surani, has managed to keep the language simple and the story gripping. The plot as a whole is fairly a good one though it could probably use a couple of more twists. Then again, I am a hardcore suspense/thriller fan for whom a couple of more twists are always welcome.

The good news is that this is just the first book is the Kat Shergill series. If this first book is any indication, I think, the books & plots are only going to get better.