The False Prince

The False Prince - Jennifer A. Nielsen This is supposed to be for the middle grade and I am clearly overage for it (by more than a decade!) but I absolutely LOVED IT!!

The King, Queen and the Crown Prince of a kingdom died under mysterious circumstances. The younger Prince of the kingdom had gone missing a few years back – rumored to have been shipwrecked and killed by pirates of a neighboring country. The kingdom is on the verge of a Civil war and the royal regents are all up against each other in the run for the now heirless Throne. Conner, a royal regent comes up with a brilliant plan of planting an impersonator of the long lost young prince. He searches all the orphanages in the country and selects four orphan boys, roughly the age and built of the Prince and then trains them in royal manner. The boys find themselves in a race for life and death – because if they do not train and learn fast enough they are sure to face death. As the story progresses, more and more are revealed about love, politics, betrayal that shapes up the events up till the end.

Though I was able to predict the overall plot [I had the advantage of a few extra years and a few hundred books], there were a lot of things that I could not guess. For instance I could guess who killed the royal family, but I had no idea how they were killed or how the murderer would be discovered. There are plenty of mysteries to be solved and twists to be expected in the plot. The characters in the plot are all amazing – whether the protagonist or the perpetrator or the friends and other side characters. Each person had some very important role to play and have affected the story in their own way. The author’s writing style is amazingly beautiful. She has used very simple language [it hardly has any fancy-big words in it] and created a beautiful piece of prose out of it!

No matter what your age is or what your preffered Genre is… read this book!