Love Thy Neighbor

Love Thy Neighbor - Mark Gilleo Clark, a tech student, returns home in order to take care of his frail mother. Age and recent loss of her husband was taking its toll on Maria’s health. So he had decided to come back home to take care of her, attend classes remotely and write his thesis. Well, that was his plan. He had realized that this was going to bring some changes in his life, but what he didn’t realize was how big a change was in store for him. Maria throws caution to the winds by reporting terrorist activities in her neighborhood to the authorities. Unfortunately, nobody believes her. Besides his mother’s condition, he also gets involved in an IRS investigation centered around his parents, death and suspicious activities also catch his attention. Soon Clark gets too involved in everything around him to back out and get some sanity back into his life.

There are so many characters in the book that at times it got difficult to keep a track of them. However, none of them are any less important to the story. Each character, however small & insignificant they seem, has their own roles to play. But I loved Mr.Stanley. Ariana has a strong character. And finally our protagonist – he is no ‘Clark Kent’ – because there is no Kryptonite to stop Clark Hayden when he gets going!

This is another work where facts and fiction have been interlaced beautifully. The plot is gripping and engrossing. It has so many twists and turns that it will keep you hooked and guessing. Mark Gilleo has paid attention to details and his narration style is very graphic. I still cannot believe that this is the debut novel of the author because his writing style is likes of very seasoned authors.